Grow your Revenue with Fast Patient Financing

With Octane Financing, patients & customers can easily apply for affordable financing to cover any portion of their elective surgery, medical procedure, or other healthcare service. A simple 4-step online application delivers a fast start-to-finish financing approval decision to any computer or handheld device in virtually 60-seconds or less. (Yes, that fast!).

Gain certainty you have secured reputable financing for your practice and provide access to services to more patients in less time. No more headaches from lost revenue or an unfilled calendar schedule.

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    Practice Highlights
  • Notifications can be sent via email or SMS text message, and can be automated or sent manually.
  • No payment portal/URL required; payments can be made with direct link from email or text.
  • Payments are immediately processed and deposited into provider’s merchant and bank account.
  • Eliminates the cost of paper statements and frees up staff for more important tasks.
    Patient Highlights
  • Payments can be made when and where it’s most convenient for them.
  • No login or password to remember (patients enter either zip code or DOB).
  • Patients can pay their bill in full, make partial payments, or set up payment plans.
  • Credit card information can be stored for even faster payments in the future.
  • Improves the patient payment experience, and increases loyalty.

Instant Approval - Fast Funding - Made Simple

Octane Finance and its exclusive direct funding partner Modern Asset Management Inc. ("Modern") have served thousands of highly satisfied patients, and funded millions of dollars to its Enrolled network of providers.

Together, Octane Finance and Modern have jointly forged a reputation for uncompromisable service in developing tailor-made consumer finance solutions.

Enrolled practices of Octane Finance have the opportunity to unlock more profits from a unique approach to patient finance. Finance programs can be turn-key or built to fit our clients' needs: whether they bundle our services together or specialize in just one thing.

Experience full transparency, longevity, and solid infrastructure to be the pillars of your long-term partnership with Octane Finance.

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Proven Results

40% of patients viewed their account within 24 hours of receiving a balance notification

8% of patients paid their bill in the first 24 hours of receiving a balance notification

92% of patients paying their bill, paid in full

Over 50% adaption rate within a month of launching Octane Solutions

Payments Made Simple